Which sanitary pad is best? Elois menstrual pads

Elois Sanitary Pad Cottony Soft Menstrual Pads(Pack of 5)

Experience the comfort with Elois menstrual pads. It provides leakage protection, without feel of wetness & discomfort. Its uniquely shaped wings prevent side leakage. It gives long lasting freshness and suitable for regular to heavy flow.




Elois Sanitary Pad with wings is designed for females, to invoke confidence in them, so that they may explore themselves at work without worries of leakage. It has an odour control system which prevents from foul smell and keep you all day with a fresh feel. Sanitary pads give complete protection from leakage, hence you don’t have to worry for stains during day or while sleeping at night. Elois Sanitary pad ensure your day spend without worries of leakage & stains. It quickly absorbs liquids, offering safety, hygiene, and all day freshness. It is so soft that doesn’t cause any kind of rashes, irritation or skin infection. We design our menstrual pads to keep your health & safety in our mind. You can buy elois sanitary napkin online from velnik store

Product Features

Soft and dry top sheet.

Consist of Odour Control System.

No worries of heavy flow during periods.

Periods that go smoothly with Elois Sanitary Pad

Keeps all day freshness and dryness.

No side leakage.

Quick absorption.

Ensures a rash free experience.


  • No worries of leakage or stain.
  • All round protection throughout day & night.
  • Provide comfort & softness.
  • No rashes or irritation in use.
  • Extra Large with wings helps to prevent heavy back flow.
  • Easy to dispose.

Elois Sanitary pad is one of the best Menstrual Pads in India. It is cost-effective and more protectable. 

The function of sanitary napkins is to absorb and retain menstrual fluid and to separate the menstrual fluid from the body. Important/desired properties are no leakage, no unesthetic appearance or colour, no smell, no noise, stay in place, and comfortable to wear

It’s not a good idea to spend an entire day without changing pads. No matter how light your flow, or if there is no flow, bacteria can build up. Changing your pad every 3 or 4 hours is good hygiene and helps prevent bad odors.


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