Kaveri Mehendi Cone + Hair Serum 25 ml

Kaveri Mehandi Cone is designed to give you a royal feel with added benefits of Nilgiri oil. It is widely accepted by people for all festive occasions & celebrations. Kaveri Mehandi cone is also used as a temporary tattoo kit.

Elois Hair Serum makes hair shinier, healthier & frizz free. Enriched with Aloe Vera extract, Argan Oil, and vitamin E that protects hair from daily damage & locks moisture on the hair shaft.

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Kaveri Mehendi Cone
Mehendi designs made with Kaveri Mehendi Cone are something that every Indian has displayed on their hands on various occasions & celebrations. `These aren’t just designs; they’re an emotional bond that will live forever. Kaveri Mehandi Cones is a ready-to-use Mehandi cone, often known as a temporary tattoo kit. When it comes to creating gorgeous, striking, and vivid designs on your hands, feet, and other body parts, Kaveri Mehndi Cones is unrivalled. This one-of-a-kind product is the best in the Henna category, made from the purest henna leaves and Nilgiri essential oil. Kaveri Natural Henna Cone is prepared with only natural herbal ingredients and the highest-grade henna leaves. Check out Kaveri Herbal Mehendi Cone, 100% Natural Henna Cone. Kaveri mehandi cone is well renowned name as bridal mehandi cone You can buy kaveri mehendi cone here


Elois Hair Serum
Elois Hair Serum improves hair health and gives back the lost lustre to hair. It contains Argan oil and Aloe Vera extract, along with the nutrients like Vitamin E and essential minerals, to keep your hair healthy and tangle-free. It leaves your hair moisturized, frizz-free, and healthier than ever before. It has the potential to be utilized as a conditioning serum. It is suitable for both men and women. Its use on a daily basis; protects the hair from ordinary damage, minimizes breakage and split ends. It makes hair texture soft, shiny and gives your hair a magnificent appearance. Its pleasant aroma lasts longer and keeps you feeling fresh all day.

Product Features

Skin Friendly

100% Natural


Gives rich color to mehendi designs

Gives Long-lasting stain

Aloe vera and argan oil protect hair from daily damage, while aloe vera locks moisture on the hair shaft.

Manage dull and damaged hair.

Allow easy combing.

Elois Hair Serum reduces tangles and makes hair shinier and healthier.

This serum Enriched with vitamin E to defend against damage.

Protects from dust & pollution.

Perfect for everyday styling.

Suitable for Men & Women.


  • It’s a natural henna cone that’s been enriched with Nilgiri oil, clove oil, and henna leaves.
  • Leaves on your palms and feet with a long-lasting dark brown color.
  • The only way to intensify the color is to use natural approaches.
  • Ideal for any occasion, including parties and festivals.
  • No chemicals, dye-free, No side effects, smooth in use.
  • Elois Hair Serum protects hair from damage.
  • Improves the smoothness of hair.
  • Keeps hair and scalp hydrated.
  • It promotes shine and hair growth.
  • Repair hair and prevent frizziness.
  • Easy to style up hair

Key Ingredients

Henna Leaves
Eucalyptus Oil
Clove Bud Oil
Argan Oil
Aloe Vera Extract
Vitamin E

How To Use?

Step 1

Before application wash your hand pat dry and clean the skin surface with towel.

Step 2

Take out the pin/nob of the cone.

Step 3

Squeeze the cone & apply henna/ draw pattern as per your choice of design on hands & feet.

Step 4

Leave for around 45 minutes – 1 hour let the mehendi dry (for good results leave it on overnight).

Step 5

Rub the dry mehendi off from the surface with towel/ tissue paper (DO NOT USE SOAP/HANDWASH).

Step 6

After few hours wash with plain water.

Step 7

Henna starts giving color in 24 hours You will see rich dark stain over the time.

Step 1

Take a few drops of the Elois Hair Serum onto your palms.

Step 2

Rub hands together and distribute evenly along the lengths of your dry hair, especially on the ends, for added shine and frizz control.

Step 3

Leave it on. For best results, use it after every hair wash.

Step 4

This can also be used before combing dry hair.

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